What is a non-geoghraphical number?

In Ireland non-geographic telephone numbers are those numbers beginning with 1850 / 1890 and 0818. They are typically bought or leased by company’s to provide their customers with a number which is not specific to a particular geographical location – this allowed callers to be charged the same rate no matter where in the country they were calling from. These numbers became popular at a time when ‘Free’ minutes were uncommon in bundled minutes and mobile use was low.

What are 1850 & 1890 numbers?

An 1850 number is generally referred to as a Call Save number where the user is charged a flat rate for each call. So, no matter how long the user calls an 1850 number the charge for the call will remain the same. Call charges typically cost between 30c (Vodafone Bill Pay) – 35c (02) when calling form a mobile or under 10c when calling from a landline.

An 1890 number is more commonly known as a LoCall number. Despite being introduced by companies as a ‘cheaper’ alternative number to call they are proving extremely expensive in most instances. As calls to 1890 numbers are charged per minute consumers can often find themselves left with hefty charges if for example they were left on hold for a considerable time. Call charges vary from 15c per minute (Meteor) – 35c per minute (O2, Tesco Mobile) when calling from a  mobile or  when calling from a mobile to under 10c when calling from a landline.

What is the difference between a 0818 number and an 1890 number?

There is little difference between the two as both an 1890 and 0818 number are changed per minute. Unlike the Call Save 1850 numbers which are charged per call. The major difference between the two numbers is that the 0818 number can be called internationally. It should be noted that many 0818 numbers cannot be called using Skype. It should be noted that unlike calls to LoCall 1890 number where every call is charged some mobile operators allow calls to 0818 numbers to be deducted from the users remaining minutes. Call charges to 0818 numbers vary form inclusive in minutes (Vodafone Bill Pay) to 35c per minute (o2) from mobiles and under 10c when calling from a landline.

How much does it cost to call an 1850 number?

Calls to 1850 numbers typically have a once of fee. Charges range from 4c to 35c. Please check your pricing plan included with your contract.

How much does it cost to call an 1890 number?

Calls to 1890 numbers are typically charged on a per minute basis. Charges range from 15c to 35c per minute. Please check your pricing plan included with your contract.

How much does it cost to call a 0818 number?

The charges associated with calling 0818 numbers vary depending on the network you are with. Some networks allow calls to 0818 numbers to be deducted from your remaining price plan minutes.

Is it possible to add my company details to the Forget 1850 app?

Yes, Forget1850 encourages businesses to submit their details – simply select the ‘REQUEST’ icon and enter the company’s details. Only details of company’s that include both an 1850 / 1890 / 0818 And a landline number will be accepted.

Can I request a new company number to be added to the Forget1850 directory?

Yes, simply select the ‘SUBMIT’ button from the Forget1850 directory’s homepage. Here you will have the option to submit details on a particular company you would like added. The only requirement is that the details include Both an 1850/ 1890 / 0818 number And an alternative landline number.

What if a company does not have a landline number?

We at Forget1850 have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the data included in the Forget1850 directory. If an 1850/ 1890 number is included in the directory without a corresponding landline number there should be a message in the Notes section explaining the reason. We have made every effort to ensure that all 1850 / 1890 / 0818 numbers included in the App has an alternative landline number.

How can Forget 1850 save me money?

Forget1850 was created to provide a solution for those who are irritated by the high costs associated with calling 1850 and 1890 numbers. As the vast majority of people have ‘FREE’ minutes with their mobile and landline contracts it is completely understandable that people become frustrated when they see high call charges applied to their bills. Forget1850 provides a list of alternative landline numbers for company’s that advertise 1850 / 1890 or 0818 numbers – this can result in many calls being made for FREE if the user has minutes remaining in their contract.