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The App that saves you money…

Forget1850 is a directory of landline numbers for company’s that generally publicise 1850 / 1890 or 0818 numbers.

Each and every time you call an 1850 or 1890 you are charged for the call even if you have Free calls remaining on your contract!

Have you ever called a company to resolve a problem they created only to find that you were charged high fees because the only number available was an 1850 or 1890 number?

Forget 1850 could save you an average of €35 per year!* Say no to 1850 phone numbers today by downloading the Forget1850 app on iOS, Android or BlackBerry,

Local and international callers can benefit from downloading the Forget 1850 app as 1890 and 1850 numbers cannot be called from outside Ireland or from Skype.

Users of the Forget1850 App can:
• Search directory by number or company name
• Access our comprehensive database
• Contact company departments where available
• ‘Submit’ company details to be entered – if you are a company you can submit your details (making sure to add a landline number) and we will add to the directory
• ‘Request’ a company you would like added or if the details advertised need to be changed
• Lifelong subscription – no additional fees to pay – Free updates for life
• View your ‘Call Cost Data’ – you can check out the call charges associated with calling 1850/ 1890/ 0818 based on your pricing plan
• Make quick calls using your Favourites data
• Make significant savings…

*Based on an O2 bill pay customer calling an 1890 number for 10 minutes; €3.60 per call (36c per minute). If a caller makes 10 calls per year total cost would be: €36.00



Contact: info@forget1850.com


For APP DEVELOPMENT services visit www.pureappy.com 


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What is Forget1850

Forget1850 is a directory of alternative landline numbers users can call other than 1850 / 1890 and 0818 numbers company’s typically advertise.

Every time an 1850 / 1890 and some 0818 numbers are called the user is charged for the call. Even if the user has Free minutes remaining on their contract a charge is applied.

1850 / 1890 numbers cannot be called from abroad or using Skype making it impossible for users from overseas to call certain company’s.

Forget1850 provides users with a database of company contact numbers that can be called for cheaper or in many cases for FREE!

We encourage users to submit requests of company’s numbers they would like added to the directory. Once a user has downloaded the App they have lifetime access to all future updates and changes.

You can download the App on:

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App Developement

Do you or your company have an idea for an App?

Working with PureAppy we can bring your dream to reality.

We can help create, customise and deliver your vision. We specialise in mobile phone software solutions for both local and international businesses across a variety of market sectors and offer bespoke services on:

  • iOS App Development: iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac
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  • Windows App Development

PureAppy’s team of experts are located in the US and Asia resulting in reduced processing and development costs which in turn lower the net development cost to our clients.

We pride ourselves on delivering value for money while at the same time ensuring the highest standards in customer care.

We assign a dedicated team of professionals to every client allowing our services to integrate seamlessly with your business requirements. A team of developers are then assigned during the development stage providing the client with direct access to all team members.

After care support is very important to PureAppy and all clients have the assurance that after the application has gone to market a team is on hand to assist with any bugs or glitches that may appear after release.

If you are interested in receiving a quote please email: enquiries@pureappy.com 

Some of the benefits you receive:

  • Speeding up either the time-to-market of your product or the development time of software for internal use
  • Creating products that enable you to surpass or leapfrog your competitors
  • Reduction and control of software and product development costs
  • Getting highly experienced and competent IT professionals involved in your project
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  • Gaining an external development or technology ‘coach’ to provide external input or to ‘think outside the box’
  • We assign a dedicated team of professionals to ensure your products potential is fully maximised.


We work closely with your team to align our services with your business needs. We apply a project framework tailored to your business processes.

We do not simply code according to requirements specification. Rather, we strive to deliver software systems that will provide concrete business benefits and result in productivity gains and efficiencies, higher revenues or reduced costs for your company. We generally work by time and materials engagements, but will also consider fixed-price engagements.

All app development queries can be directed to enquiries@pureappy.com

For a mobile App Developer in Ireland visit www.pureappy.com  

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